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With Jurubu you can build your own Jump and Run levels made out of blocks, enemies and much more. Share your level and play levels from other players!

Fluchen im Dialekt

Fluchen auf Dialekt bietet Ihnen Flüche und Schimpfwörter in 9 verschiedenen deutschen Dialekten an. Sie können sich diese selbst kombinieren oder das dem Zufall überlassen.

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About me

I'm Markus Käppeler. Three years ago I taught myself programming. It all started with the YouTube Java Tutorials from Brotcrunsher.

After a half year Java and Swing GUI's were now problem for me. I coded my first little game with Swing called Silvester Boom! Then I programmed some little things with LWJGL, a Library for OpenGL based Games (Although uesd for Minecraft).

In the summer holidays, I programmed my first Android Game "Project Arrow" with LibGDX ,a cross-platform framework for Android, IOS, PC, Linux and MAC OS. In the game you have to shoot with a bow at different targets. I participated the first time on Ludum Dare, a 48h contest for game developers, followed by 2 times more.

Then I developed some other Games, the Dodge and AR Shooter. In autum 2014 I started with native Android Apps. I developed a app for a trade company and for my church. In January 2015 I developed Fluchen im Dialekt a app for curses and swear words in german dialects.

In autumn 2015, I and two friends of me developed a digital bulletin board, a app and a website for our school the Gymnasium Münsingen.

In May 2016 I released Jurubu a Jump and Run Maker for Android, following with the IOS Version in September. That's my first IOS App. Jurubu has now over 75 000 Downloads which is amazing. Thank you!

In October 2016 I started to study Applied computer science at the HTWG Konstanz.

In March 2017 I participated at the Hololens Hackathon at the Open Innovation Lab of the HTWG Konstanz. Our group developed a app that shows how informations for groceries could presented in AR (video)

In March 2018 I participated at the VR Hackathon "The space of education" at the Open Innovation Lab of the HTWG Konstanz. This time we developed a VR app for the HTC Vive where you can build molecules together to learn their complex structures with fun!

From March to September 2018 I did an internship at ZF Friedrichshafen AG in the field of camera based driving assistance systems. There I learned a lot about Deep learning especially in the field of visual recognition and about image processing.

  • Java, Python, C , C++ , C#, Rust, Scala, Bourne shell, SQL, UML, HTML, CSS, XML
  • Java FX, Java Swing, Android SDK, Unity 3D, libGDX, LWJGL,

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